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Piercing & Tattoo Links

The Xtreme Tattoo

BME Site Pretty cool pics there

Kevin Cooks "Almost Complete Body Piercing Links List"

 Massachusetts Body Art regulations


Businesses & Cool Organizations

N.L.A. New England Sites

N.L.A. Flea Market Site

Kim from Grand Opening (pretty great store) Give it a visit.

CAGE one of the oldest online art galleries

Cool tie dyed clothing


Local Bands & Shows

motokops 2000



Fun Stuff

GEON   games & cool stuff

Happy Tree Friends funny!

Totally Tom Mad Cow  funny!


Skulls & Freaky Stuff & More

Art by Evolution Great skulls by my friend Shawn Heflick

The American HeadHunter Great skulls by my friend Paul Micalellf

Custom Creature Cool taxidermy stuff, Arin Brewers very cool site

Frightmare Forest Cool stuff by Chad Canfield

Corpses by Canman (more cool stuff by Chad Canfield)

Taxidermy Unlimited

Chase Enterprises Cool shrunken heads by Colin Chase

Specimania Nice new site with great specimens in it

Moma Tie Dye Mik's cousins cool clothing site

Malaxtra Very cool framed bugs & butterflies

My friend Nikki Brady's site for cool skulls

Great Art

Vomitus Maximus Museum My Friend Steve Connett's site

Robert Blair's cool sculpture site


Friends Of Ours

Check out Rusty's Forum. Get the truth about
the drug war, discuss bikers rights, politics, motorcycles, or...

Valley Wizards, creators of many high quality CDs

Carmin, A special friend

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