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Picking your jewelry

Picking the right jewelry for your piercing is one of the most important parts of your piercing experience. Placing a piece of jewelry in a piercing that is too large can cause undue strain on the piercing and possibly cause the piercing to be irritated. You should make sure that you consult your piercer before you choose the jewelry for your piercing. A professional piercer knows what size and type of jewelry should be used for your particular piercing. One very important thing that you should remember is that "BIGGER IS NOT BETTER"

Is this piercing right for you?

Why do you want a particular piercing?

Is it cool?
Do you plan on keeping the piercing, or is it just for fun?
Will your job allow you to have that particular piercing?
Will you be able to care for it properly?

These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before you pick the piercing. Aftercare is very important, as well as a good diet. Some places of business frown on facial piercings and will insist that you take them out. Some piercings look really cool, but never really heal properly and should be avoided.

Talk to your piercer before you decide on the piercing. A professional piercer should be able to answer all of your questions and give you advice on the care of a particular piercing. If the piercing is not good for you then the piercer should tell you, and help you pick one that is more suitable.

You should check out the piercer before you go to them. Don’t just sit in a chair and get pierced. Ask Questions and expect answers. This is your body that is being pierced and you should respect your body. It has to last you a life time.

Know your piercing salon

In this day and age it is very easy to purchase piercing supplies. Some unscrupulous companies even sell "HOW TO PIERCE" video’s and will even issue you a certificate stating that you are a PROFESSIONAL piercer. You can’t learn piercing from a video nor can you learn how to pierce in a week. Before you submit yourself to a piercing, you should research the piercing salon. Go to the town hall, call the better business bureau, ask questions. Make a trip in and ask to see the piercing room. If it is clean and you feel comfortable then talk to the piercer. Make sure that they are knowledgeable.

Don’t let just any one pierce you.
You deserve to be pierced by a professional.

It is unlawful to perform the following practices:

Tattoo a Minor
Brand a Minor
Scar or perform Scarification on a Minor
Pierce the genitalia of a Minor
Pierce the nipples of a Minor (both female & male)
Pierce a minor under the ages of 14

It is unlawful to use Ear Piercing Guns.

It is unlawful to perform the following piercings:

Uvula, Tracheal Area, Neck, Ankle, Ribs, Vertebrae, Hand or Foot Web, Lingual Frenum (Tongue Web), Deep Chest or Muscle Piercing, Eyelid, Lip Web, Gums, Clitoris, Anus, Testicles, Deep Penis, Deep Scrotum, Deep Vaginal

It is unlawful to perform the following procedures:

Cosmetic Tattooing, Tongue Splitting, Braiding, Implantation's, Tooth Filing, Cartilage Modification, Amputation, Genital Modification, & Saline Introduction

If you require further information on these subjects
contact the Quincy Board of Health at: 617 376-1282

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