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Body Xtremes is much more than just a piercing salon. We are an adventure in shopping. We have many strange and exotic items from around the world. We have Handmade jewelry that are one of a kind items as well as many fashion pieces that are as trendy as what you will find on Newbury Street in Boston or the Village in New York City. We are always looking for odd and wonderful items to add to our inventory. Our staff is both knowledgeable and courteous and are here to serve you with a kind word and a smile. We pride ourselves on the fact that there is no "attitude" in our store.
Come visit us and see for yourself.

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We pride ourselves on being one of the most sterile body piercing salons in New England. We conduct tours of our facility for those who care to come in and take a look. All of our instruments are either sterilized after each use or one use disposable items. We are discrete and professional and here to serve you and your piercing needs. Come in and chat with us and we will answer any questions that you might have about your piercing. We also provide a complete after care service at no charge to you. Even if you didn’t receive your piercing from us, we are here to help. Our professionally trained staff is able to answer all of your piercing questions. You may rest assured that you will be in the best of hands with Mik Miller and the staff of Body Xtremes. Let us treat you to your next piercing. It will be a most pleasurable and wonderful experience. sword_nd16.gif (11942 bytes)

We hope to see you here!

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