Instead of a FAQ page (the questions are very tame) I thought it would be better to tell you what to look for in a tattoo parlor.  

Some of these questions come from the New Hampshire board of health. The rest are mine. This is only a guide to help you find the best tattoo parlor that you can. Your health and safety should be the first concern. Not only by you but by the parlor that you receive the tattoo from.
If you or someone you know is contemplating having a tattoo, you should be aware of and ask the following questions of the tattoo practitioner:

  • Does the establishment have a current license displayed for the public to see?

  • Does the practitioner have a current license to practice the art of tattooing? Is it displayed?

  • Are the practitioner's hands and fingernails clean?
  • Is the practitioner dressed in clean clothes?

  • Is the practitioner conducting himself in a clean and sober manner?

  • Does the practitioner appear drug-free?

  • Can the practitioner demonstrate that all needles are sterilized and utilized for one client only?

  • Ask the practitioner if he/she uses an autoclave for sterilizing needles, barrels & other equipment.

  • Ask to see the autoclave and the instrument cleaning area.
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