• Ask to see the disposal of used needles. If there are none, why? Unless the practitioner just disposed of used needles, there should be used needles to demonstrate that the practitioner is utilizing new, one-use sterilized needles.

  • Ask the practitioner how he/she cleans the needle bars & tubes/barrels? There should be an ultra sonic cleaner for this purpose.

  • Does the practitioner have disposable gloves to wear for each tattoo procedure on each client? Ask to see them.

  • Ask to see the practitioner's room. Is it clean?

  • Does the practitioner have photo examples of body art they have performed on other clients?
  • If possible, ask friends or others if they have ever had body art performed by the practitioner.

  • Is there a sink with anti bacterial soap and disposable towels for hand washing?

  • Is the shop and areas for tattooing clean and organized?

  • Speak with the staff. Are they knowledgeable? Do they seem friendly & competent?

  • If there are any other clients in the shop, are they sober? Does the staff present themselves in a sober/drug free manner?

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