New York City, Fort Lauderdale Florida and many other cities across the United States.

When I opened Body Xtremes in 1996 I was told by the city of Quincy that if I was caught tattooing I would be prosecuted and my shop would be closed so I stopped tattooing. I have been advocating the legalization of tattooing in the state for the past 8 years and am instrumental in setting regulations for the industry in the Commonwealth. I worked directly with the State Board of Health. With my help & the help of Stephen Lamphier, Leo Murphy & Judy Murphy wrote the first "Model Body Art" regulations for the state. As of June 2001 I personally have helped over 100 cities and towns set regulations for "Body Art" and am available to help any other city or town that requires my help. I have also written a 5 hour "Skin course" that will familiarize the tattoo artists with the layers of the skin, sterile techniques and various diseases associated with the skin that the artist needs to be made aware of. I feel that it is my duty to help the boards of health so they can set regulations that will be fair, not only to the clients but also the artists themselves.

There has been a stigma surrounding the tattoo industry for a long time and it's time we stopped this. Tattooing is not for drunken sailors, sluts, crooks & drug users. It's for all of you and you deserve to be treated to a tattoo in an environment that is as clean and sterile as possible. My goal with Body Xtremes is to bring you just that. A sterile setting coupled with experienced and capable artists makes for a most pleasant experience. I hope that you will enjoy your visit to Body Xtremes and tell all of your friends about us.

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