You can not be under the influence of any drugs (legal or illegal) or alcohol.
You should be aware that the possibility of infection may exist due to ink sensitivity, or other materials or ointments used. While this possibility is slight, it still exists.

Click to enlargeYou should understand that any of the following might occur if you get tattooed. While these are rare we still feel that they should be mentioned.

You could have an allergic reaction to the inks. This could result in damage to the skin and or area surrounding it.

There is the possibility of rejection of the inks, pigments or dyes used for tattooing. You may have skin that doesn't take colors as expected.

While it is rare that these happen, they are not life threatening.

Allergic reactions to pigments or dyes usually result in the tattoo losing the color that was used in it. If this is the case once it has healed sufficiently you can have it re-colored (using a different color of course). If you do experience a fever you should consult your physician.

A general antibiotic usually suffices in clearing the problem up. There is no way to determine beforehand if someone is allergic to certain pigments or dyes.

You should be aware that sterile equipment, (including one-use disposable needles) barrels, and bars are being used on your tattoo.

The sterilization process includes, but is not limited to, cleansing the equipment in an ultrasonic cleaner.

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