Care and feeding of your new tattoo

•  Bandage should stay on for at least TWO HOURS but no more than FOUR HOURS.
•  Remove bandage; rinse gently with cold water and blot dry.
•  Apply Bacitracin ointment FOUR times a day for the first week and blot off the excess. Make sure that you keep the tattoo SLIGHTLY moist. Do not allow too much Bacitracin to remain on the tattoo.
•  Keep tattoo fresh and open to the air. DO NOT RE-BANDAGE!
•  For the first week, avoid swimming and long exposure to the sun.
•  For the first month, avoid long exposure to the sun.
•  DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH SCABS (this includes prolonged rubbing in the shower).
•  If at all possible keep tattoo covered with loose fitting clothing.
•  At first sign of infection, CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN!


Click to enlargeSigns of infection include excessive swelling, redness, oozing puss, & prolonged soreness.

Please contact us if you are unsure of your symptoms or contact your physician.
Here's a little info about the care of your tattoo.
A good balanced diet is essential in the healing of any tattoo.

Try to stay healthy. Healthy people tend to heal much faster that those that eat the wrong foods and don't take care of themselves.

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