When you put the Bacitracin on your tattoo Use just a little. Don't gob it on. Rub it on gently (make sure that your hands are clean when you do) then blot the excess off with a clean paper towel. Make sure that only a thin sheen of Bacitracin remains. If you put too much on you will pull the color from the tattoo. If you put too little on it will cause the tattoo to scab excessively and possibly flake. This will also cause you to lose color. The tattoo will itch when it is healing. You will want to scratch it or rub it.

DO NOT scratch or rub the tattoo. This will pull the scabs from the tattoo and cause it to lose color in those areas.

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Make sure that you do not re-cover the tattoo. This means not to put any bandages, dressings or other type of tight coverings on the tattoo once you have taken the initial covering off. You can wear loose fitting clothing over the tattoo but make sure that the air can get to it. This helps heal the tattoo.Keep your tattoo clean but don't over clean it.

Don't clean it more than twice a day unless you are in a position where you get extremely dirty. If this is the case you should try to wear loose clothing over the tattoo to avoid as much dirt getting into the tattoo as possible.

Make sure that you don't rub the tattoo excessively while you are in the shower. Many people think that it is ok to rub the scabs off while they are cleaning the tattoo. This causes you to lose color in the tattoo.

The biggest concern that people have is the possibility of infection. This should not be a factor as long as the tattoo is cared for properly.
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